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Rolex proudly presents the 2015 Basel world exhibition of new products

High-tech patent OYSTERFLEX type level, to 2015 June 19 July 12, is located in the Shanghai Bund “Rolex world community” (the Rolex experience) will be a grand presenting in 2015 the Basel world watch and Jewellery Fair grand launch of the new watch and a new generation of mechanical movement in the chronometer lay a new benchmark, beyond the Swiss Observatory certified chronometer (COSC). This year, the Rolex presenting a number of innovative inventions, including the new oyster perpetual calendar week 40 type equipped with a new generation of 3255 mechanical movement, and called strap when the new classic masterpiece in its nearly a month exhibition grand debut.

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Five hidden of the traditional chronograph watches

Ordinary consumers may not pay attention to the existence of some problems and watch enthusiasts know its however but not know why, the timing of movement of the design personnel every day all the headaches for, because they are directly related to a chronograph quality. In theory, the dual track system is just to knock down the number of the time and the table and the big tiger and research and development.
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Why A Lot Of Men Like Wear Watch

Watches, for most people, a luxury, luxury goods is not the basic product functions to the consumer. It means to wear the wrist, with the time, the display time of practical tools. Now with a wide range of timing tool, watch not focus on timing function, which greatly exceeded the value of its own function of small objects, more is a kind of decorations, the symbol of reflect deserve to act the role of taste. In the western political philosophy, the evaluation of a social progress, is to see whether it abandoned the principle of the spirit and realized. So far, there are still people who do not understand the mobile phone has why the act of wearing watches, visible, this part of the concept of the watch is still on the function of the.

Attitude first. I think the watch is not just time.. A person wearing a watch, usually means a strong time, strict style. Without the person wearing a watch, or frequently ask the other person to ask the time, this shows that the time of the person is not strong, and watch time with the watch is expressed respect for customers. And practical, successful people need to seize the opportunity to pay attention to their own time, need time to compete, and watches the distance you recently, bending the wrist watch time is the normal and most elegant posture. Time is the contract between the two parties, punctuality represents integrity, and the transfer of the quality between strangers quickly.

Of course, taste.. A rare man of good taste first is he wearing a match fit to suit the occasion, and in the relationship between clothing and watches also subtle, fitting clothes and match watch: activists timing function table, fashionable personage design watches, business people elegant table… In either case, the importance of the watch is more in its identity.. In different occasions such as business, sports, leisure, social to the workplace, wear what style, what brand of watches, different stresses, a piece of table in all occasions “winner” dressing behavior is not feasible, it is no taste. A real person with a taste can be equipped with a different watch on different occasions, because it not only shows the wealth of the master, but also shows the unique taste of the master..

Wearing a watch is a confidence. A man wear a watch and a table does not wear the person is two completely different identities of people, wearing watches the time concept, wearing a watch is also a mature man symbol, make each other feel your rigor in confidence, will let the other side more trust in you, look at the heads of state of the wrist will know.

Men, in addition to wearing wedding ring, the only decoration is a watch. Wearing a golden chain, even if you have grade educated men also become vulgar. In the west a mature experienced men must have three Dabao: watches, pens, lighters, and the current domestic men, watches, wallets and belts is man’s three piece suit and how differences in western culture again. Watch this have a consensus. Some men favor OMEGA and Rolex Wo because of a sublimation, it can really bring the brand of the wearer.

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